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Toys and Joys would like to share our huge selection of woodworking project patterns with you. Choose from our wide selection of Cars, Trucks, Trains, different types of Construction Equipment, Children's Toys, Lynden Patterns which include book shelves, desks, Cody's Cruisers and some unique Miscellaneous Patterns.

Parts Required
Kit Includes:
13 AP1 6 AP2
4 AP3 6 D332
6 D18 1 D316
3 D12 1 D58
1 W100 3 AC14

                            The Heavy Lifter       Parts Required Kit Includes:...

                                Rocking FireTruck                                     Parts...

LP-6 "Papa's Barn"



                The Dump Truck                                                 Parts Required Kit...

                                         The Heavy Pup Trailer...