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Customer Corner

Harry Quillen - Woodlawn, TN

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Walter Kuhn - Quaker Hill, CT

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Walt has been building models with Toys and Joys for several years.  At 94 years old, Walt is a favorite!  

Thanks Walt for your great attitude, and positive spirit!

Johan Oskarson - Iceland

by Karl Vander Ploeg

When it gets cold in Iceland, Johan heads to his shop.

Olin Ellis - Iva, SC

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Olin, Thanks for being such a Great customer!!

Mike Rohrbach - Portland, OR

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Mike has been building with our plans for many years, and as you can see he has got it down.

Great job Mike!

Mike's Roadgrader

Wayne Humphrey - Creve Couer, MO

by Karl Vander Ploeg

The new Cat Loader looks Great!

Pete Nelson - Saint George, UT

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Pete, Great job with the 1931 Cadillac Roadster!

Collin Morrison - New Zealand

by Karl Vander Ploeg

Collin is one of our many Great woodworkers from New Zealand, & Australia

Keep up the Great work Collin.