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Q: Does the parts kit contain all of the parts necessary to complete the model? 

A: NO, Kits only contain accessory items, such as dowels, axle pegs, some wheels, etc. You need to cut most of the parts, and pieces out following the pattern.


Q: Does the kit include the pattern? 

A: NO, the pattern is sold separately from the kit.


Q: What does a pattern look like? 

A: All of our drawings are full size, which will show every part and piece that you need to cut at full size. There will be a top view, side view, and end view giving you the exact size of every part. All drawings are on 18" x 24" paper. Patterns are 3 - 12 pages per drawing, depending on the model.


Q: What is the size of a model? 

A: The models will vary in size between approximately 10" - 30" depending on the model. We typically use the 1/16 scale.


Q: What type of wood do we recommend? 

A: Our customers use just about every kind of wood imaginable. There is not a right, or wrong type of wood. We do use Birch, Maple, and Walnut for our prototype models that you see in the catalog, and web site  pictures. Some of the older models are made of Fir.


Q: What type of finish do you recommend to use on the models? 

A: We like to use a clear lacquer. A product by Deft is very good finish that can be sprayed on the model. It is a water based finish which dries very quickly, allowing several very light coats to be applied, rather than heavy coats. We also have many customers who paint the models.


Q: What are the required tools for making the models? 

A: Band Saw   (Most all of our cutting is done with a Band Saw)

Small Drill Press

Disc / Belt Sander


Table Saw

Other normal shop tools


Q: What skill level of woodworking do most of the models require? 

A: All of the models require knowledge of power woodworking tools. These are woodworking projects, and basic woodworking skills are a must. We do have a few of the children's models that are for the beginner, and require very simple cuts to make the finished models.  Safety rules need to be strictly followed when using power tools.


Q: What are the shipping costs? 

A: Shipping is $12.00 per order, no matter how large your order is. International orders are charged according to the weight of the order, and the country that it is shipped to. We ship by UPS, and Priority Mail.


Q: How can I order? 

A: You can order on our website, by phone, or send your order in the mail.


Q: How soon will my order be sent? 

A: Most orders are shipped on the following day after they are received at Toys and Joys.


Q: Is there a Guarantee? 

A: Yes, we will refund your money if you are not fully satisfied. Patterns and kits must be returned in the same condition as they were sent. Shipping charges are not refundable. Guarantee is for 30 days after order is received by customer.


Q: Will there be more models added to the Web Site, and catalog? 

A: Yes, We typically add new patterns every year. We come out with our new catalog at the first of the New Year. The web site is updated at that time as well.


Q: How long has Toys and Joys been in business? 

A: Toys and Joys has been in business since 1982.


Toys and Joys  tries to supply the highest quality plan / pattern for today's woodworker. We spend a great deal of time, and energy on attention to detail, accuracy, and service. We are available to answer questions that you may have.