How do you finish your project

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How do you finish your project

Postby Boiler1978 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:15 pm

Enjoy reading about and seeing everyone’s projects. Just starting with my first project started with the equipment trailer, thought it might be an easy first. Using walnut and maple. What kind of finish does everyone use on your projects? Oil or poly. Thank you for your help.
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Re: How do you finish your project

Postby siul8r » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:20 am


I use MinWax Wood Finish "Natural # 209"

Works well with Walnut and Maple
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Re: How do you finish your project

Postby Alexkara » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:36 am

Hi B'1978, Good choice of timber.

You will probably get a different answer from each of the respondent... However, here's my take.

I give the model a coat of tung oil... I use the brand Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil which has predominantly tung and some other additives... Pure tung oil I find a tad expensive and needs to be thinned down for small models. If I want a darker hue I use Danish oil... I then let that oil coating dry for 7 days (Danish oil may take a tad longer). Parts that don't need gluing I oil progressively rather than final assemblyy. For the final finish I use 3 coats of 3lb. cut de-waxed blonde Shellac brushed on with a good quality brush.. Shellacing is more challenging but I found the results better...
If I feel too lazy to mix up a new batch of Shellac (I mix on demand, as liquid Shellac does not have a great shelf life and its incredible how the gap grows disproportionaly between projects) I apply Minwax Wipe-on Poly with a brush.

Often spay on lacquer is desirable as with the fine mist each coat dries quickly before too much dust settles... Unfortunately most models have small delicate parts that object to being sanded between coats and a bit of a breeze throwing sawdust over the finish can make it lest pleasant to the touch.

Take on board the suggestions all the members may provide and experiment to choose what method you prefer... considering cost of the finish, ease of application and the tinting it may provide to your model.
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Re: How do you finish your project

Postby Boiler1978 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:16 am

Thanks for the reply’s. Sounds like I should take some scraps and play around with the suggestions. Thanks again
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Re: How do you finish your project

Postby jamest » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:07 pm

I use a spray on shellac. I use mostly oak and it gives it a warm golden color. Between coats I rub the surfaces down with a brown paper bag (the kink you get from a grocery store) I know it sound strange but try it I think you'll like the results. James PS
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